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WeGarden began from our policy concern on the lack of nutrition of our migrant friends , arising from our observations over the months. The team has been actively encouraging migrant worker caterers to adopt healthier standards for food – including the inclusion of brown rice and vegetables and fruit – at decent cost, so that these can then be onward referred to employers. 

Nevertheless, the team also continues to encourage nutrition standards among our brothers as well through educational sessions as well as more recently, the starting of edible community gardens within our dorms itself. 


The edible gardens aim to : 

1) improve mental health, 

2) improve nutrition of our migrant friends, and 

3) improve community bonding among dorm brothers, and in turn Singaporeans in due course


This could only be achieved through the support of our generous partners Greenology, Arcadis, and other discreet sponsors.


Thank you for all the support, and do get in touch with us at if you would like to contribute or be involved as well ! 

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