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WeFruits: Supporting our Migrant Brothers towards Better Health & Nutrition

This campaign started as a collaboration between CMSC together with the support of In This Together and Open Space Ventures, to raise awareness about the importance of health and nutrition among our migrant worker friends. 

This initiative began as our volunteers observed that migrant workers have been having meals with large amounts of rice and hardly any meat or vegetables, let alone fruits.

We hope to alleviate these tough times with a piece of fruit, encourage workers to be more conscious of any food options they select, and to gently nudge and encourage all stakeholders to help provide more healthy options of food (including vegetables and fruits) to our migrant friends where they can.


For our Employers

1. Encourage our employers, dorm operators, food suppliers and well-wishing public towards helping to ensure better standards of food and nutrition for our workers. 

2. To link up our employers and dorm operators with food suppliers (including food vendors) who can deliver more fruit and vegetable to dormitories on a longer term basis.

3. To nudge food suppliers and food stall holders who cater food to our workers to increase health and nutrition of food offerings. 

For our Migrant Friends

1. To receive a fruit each kicking off on National Day, 9 August 2021, accompanied by a fruits nutrition tip postcard and learning session.

2. Raising awareness of importance of consumption of fruits and vegetables.

3. To encourage our workers that Singaporeans care for them, during this time.


In line with the above, CMSC will be kicking off its fruits distribution this National Day, accompanied with nutrition postcards and an online nutrition learning session along with our WeTalk National Day Celebration

Do join us on 9 August 2021 at 5pm! Scan the QR code or click below! 

*Exciting prizes to be won 

Zoom ID: 966 6587 0139

Password: 703240

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