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WeDance - and so we Dance
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The migrant community in Singapore is oftentimes as distant from the public eye as the workers are from their families, friends and cultures. From the strict movement protocols that they follow to their living conditions and mental health, the events that transpired this past year have surfaced a different experience of the pandemic for them.


Their conversations and stories are shared in and so we dance, a social project featuring migrant workers in collaboration with dance choreographer Dapheny Chen and community theatre practitioner Serena Ho. Weaving their life experiences and personal connections to songs into the devised performance and using dance as a medium, they navigate the impact the pandemic has on them, their strengths and vulnerabilities as migrant workers and their outlooks on life.


At times reflective, emotional and playful, this new work shed light on the lives of the people behind Singapore’s largely invisible workforce, who are part of our community and took place on 17 Oct 2021. This project was developed with the help of the COVID-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC) community.

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