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WeEat: Supporting our Local Hawkers

This campaign started as a collaboration between CMSC x Shabir Music Asia and is supported by 24 Asia.

Phase 2 has been a very difficult situation for our hawkers located in business districts who cater primarily to office workers.

At the same time, our migrant friends may not have had the opportunity to test various ranges of hawker food in Singapore. They are currently not allowed to go outside of their dormitories apart from work since the last Circuit Breaker. This has affected their mental health and well-being as they are not able to engage in previously enjoyed community activities. 

For our Hawkers

1. Tangible economic support through bulk orders

2. Publicity for their business

3. Many hawkers are passionate about cooking, these orders help to create opportunities for them to remain engaged

For our Migrant Friends

1. Bridge between our community and our migrant friends through food

2. Expose to our local hawker culture and taste food never tried before

3. Continue to be engaged in our online program to learn more about origin of the cuisine 

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